Divorce, Strikes, Da Bronx

President Nicolas Sarkozy issued a statement about his divorce today. This is one of those wormholes where I retreat from gettin all “cultural critic.” Sarkozy, he’s a real person. His relationship with his woman is, like, personal (even though it can’t possibly be). Sure it’s ironic he campaigned on some French Kennedys shit less than a year ago, but whatev as far as I’m concerned. I’ll expand more one day about his proposal to mandate DNA testing for French-African immigrants, but as far as him separating from his wife… SFW?

Huge transit strike today throughout Paris. Stayed my ass home for the most part; my baby boy’s nursery shut down for the day. Found out an old editor from Radarmagazine, Alexandra Marshall, lives here now. We’ll hook up sooner than later. Gotta get my ass in gear editing Bronx Biannual Issue 3. I posted about starting with an edit of Greg Tate’s short story, but I haven’t looked at it since I took all the submissions to the Alps this summer. Here’s a tentative table of contents:

Darius James, The Zombie Monologues

Michael A. Gonzales, Requiem for a DJ

Niven Govinden, L’Histoire de Bexhill Baudelaire

Ernest Hardy, Benny: A Children’s Story  

Nadia Khelfaoui, No Noirs Allowed

Demetria Lucas, Night of the Second Base Head

Courttia Newland, Spider-Man

Marcus Reeves, Stanley the Steamer

A. Tacuma Roeback, Torch

Keli Stewart, TBD

Greg Tate, Android Hugs Humanoid

Marcia Jones, I Am S/He