Experience Music

I’ve got a proposal on the back burner to give a discussion about the reception of hiphop by France in the wake of the 2005 riots here. Every year, the Experience Music Project out in Seattle gives an annual Pop Conference and their deadline for proposals is coming up in December. This upcoming April 2008, their theme is “Shake, Rattle: Music, Conflict and Change.”

I never had the pleasure of attending a conference; never been out to Seattle yet either. I do know many talented/knowledgeable folks who have given their own lectures there over the years though: Johnny Temple, Raquel Cepeda, Jon Caramanica, Rob Kenner, Robert Christgau, Lynne d Johnson, T Cooper, Karen R. Good, Joan Morgan, the ego trip posse, Greg Tate and others. My proposal shouldn’t be rocket science, I’ve written about hiphop versus the French powers-that-be before.