Give It Away Now

“If you want something, give it away.”—unknown

I kicked off the Furthermuckin Expat Q two months ago, talking to seven different Americans (so far) living here in Paris. I got at least seven more on tap. But since November, something else started happening.

After making a conscious effort to look up from my navel and spotlight others and what they get up to in France, people started asking me for interviews. Richard Nahem’s Eye Prefer Paris blog featured me as Parisian of the Month (!); I had a great talk with Felicia Pride at BackList about my début novel, Irrésistible; the kind folks at Parisien Salon republished the Nahem interview outta nowhere; and days ago, Monique Y. Wells of Entrée to Black Paris went live with her patented Black Paris Profile on MML.

Please, check ‘em out if you haven’t already.

Heart & Soul magazine just hit me up, too. But the moral of the story is, what you give away to others rockets right back to you. Whatever you want, that is what you give.

Happy new you.